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November 2015

Putting it together – part 1


Connect sensor modules, RGB LED module, relay module and breadboard as follow:

Temperature/humidity sensor:
+ <> breadboard + (red)
out <> D7 (yellow)
– <> breadboard – (black)

Soil Sensor:
GND <> breadboard – (black)
VOC <> breadboard + (red)
OUT <> A0 (blue)

GND <> breadboard – (black)
R <> D12 (blue)
G <> D11 (green)
B <> D10 (red)

GND <> GND (black)
IN1 <> D5 […]

October 2015

The plan

Akin Yildiz has provided me with the following diagrams:

Wiring for programming the ESP:



Wiring for the greenhouse system after the ESP has been set:


– water sensor goes to any analog input
– dht22 temp/humidity sensor, rgb led and relay board all connect to the digital side
– relay board gets power 5V from arduino uno
– water, dht22 and rgb […]

Sparkfun tutorial and shopping list


I’m building a weather station that will push live weather data up to Wunderground (aka Weather Underground).

I’ll be using the SparkFun tutorial with some customisation. See the tutorial here: weather station wirelessly connected to wunderground

My hardware list: sparkfun wish list
Cost was $119.25 in total at the time I purchased. My purchase did not include the Weather Meters kit […]

Shopping basket

Price of shopping basket at time of order (12/10/2015)
11 items Total: US $42.32

1. UNO R3 ATmega328P CH340G USB Driver Board & USB Cable
2. ESP8266 Serial WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module
3. DC Buck Step Down Converter Module LM2596 Voltage Regulator
4. 5V Four 4 Channel Relay Module
5. DHT22/AM2302 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module
6. 3 Colour RGB SMD […]

A collaboration with Akin Yildiz

Akin Yildiz (aka The Plant Docter) has offered me his help building and programming a greenhouse automation system.
The system will sense and monitor the greenhouse environment (temperature, humidity and soil moisture) and various hardware (pump, fan, lights) will be controlled automatically (depending on environment) or manually. Readings and data will be available online and the system is accessible […]

July 2015

True to oneself

You can only be true to others once you are true to yourself. Anything outside truth is knitted by inferior wool that will never have the strength, durability and potential of the wool of truth.

May 2015

Kogman & Keisie Guest Farm