Hi there!

My name is Petrus,
this is my little dot on the web.

Business Strategist / Innovator / Inventor /
Entrepreneur / Problem Solver / Creative /
Visionary / Multidisciplinary / Divergent Thinker


I’m a natural innovator and entrepreneur. I have created many products and have built various businesses over the years. I’m multidisciplinary in business and have a holistic approach, from conception to successful enterprise. With this approach, I have an advantage in business strategy by understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit and how to evolve and maintain a competitive edge. I enjoy solving problems, as I know inherently problems are fantastic opportunities. My life motto is – everything is possible, with the necessary inputs and timeframe. I’m in my element when great ideas and opportunities become reality! My wife calls me a dreamer-doer and in this I take great pride. I have a BBA degree in Business Management & Psychology and I’m will be completing a MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I have multiple other professional courses and certificates in various fields all complementing my career and profession. Visit my Linked-in profile for more info about my employment history and education. I have experience in many things from developing Agriculture products to investing in Zero-interest rate environments. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to connect!

“Let your life be your poetry,
let your poetry be your love.”

~ Petrus Jansen

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